The VORTEX™ portable vacuum is ultra-slim and the smallest vacuum on the market. With a height of only 2.16″ and a size equal to that of a standard loader. The VORTEX™ is supercharged with 4300 rpm of power! It combines quieter operation with maximum dust extraction for top-notch performance. The VORTEX™ is both plug-in and portable powered, and the high-capacity battery allows nail technicians to move around the salon for a full day of use. If needed, the VORTEX™ can also be used while charging! Designed with advanced circuitry, it eliminates inconsistent power levels when in battery mode. Clean, dust-free air enhances the salon experience for both nail technicians and clients! Exposure to dust can aggravate respiratory conditions, which may cause some clients to avoid nail salons altogether. We eliminate dust in the air with the VORTEX™ portable nail dust collector for cleaner air and a healthier professional environment!

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